We meet to a new friend

Today was the greatest day so far!

First we went to the docks and met our tour guide for a snorkelling trip. His name was Bruce Lee. Guess who his girl friend is… It’s CRAZY from the restaurant Lanterns. He had a copy of the photo of us that Crazy had taken the night before and he knew all about Zara!

We had a fun day swimming and snorkeling and saw some amazing fish. Bruce Lee was so nice and funny. He took some underwater shots of us. I also jumped off the roof of the boat into the water.

That night we just had to go back to Lanterns one last time to see Crazy and tell her about our great day.


Cyclo tour

Today was so cool because we went on a cyclo tour. A cyclo tour is were you jump on a bike and they peddle you around we had so much FUN. Next we went to now zone to get some lunch. When we got back to our hotel we relaxed at the pool got dinner and went to bed.

Heading to Nha Trang early

Today we got up at 5 am to go to Nha Trang. We got on the plane at 6.40am and the flight was 55 minutes. We arrived at our hotel called HAVANA at 9.00 am and relaxed by the pool. We had lunch at  place called lanterns. I had beef pho and a milk shake but ted and zara had chips. After lunch we went back to the pool and relaxed.

Ted and Zara thought the chips were so good that for dinner we went to lanterns again and had the same thing. We met one of the waitresses called CRAZY. She was so funny. She really loved Zara.

A day at the water park

Today was great because we went to a water and fun park called Vin Pearland. To get there we took a cable car to the island and it was so much fun!

The first ride we went on was the alpine race shoot I loved it. After that Dad, Ted and I went on a roller coaster. I had my hands up the whole time which was a bunch of fun.

My favourite ride was one that went up side down and it made my dad feel sick. Later on we went to the water area and we went on heaps of slides. My favorite was the tsunami wave. We had heaps of fun.

We ended back at Lanterns for dinner again. The waitresses just love Zara!

First day in Ho Chi Minh

Today was great! First we went to the Ben thanh market to get some food and have a look around. Everyone loved to touch Ted and Zara but all I got was a grin and some glares. The market had lots of skinny isles filled with tiny shops. They sold wood carvings, clothes, hats, sunnies, phone cases and some really strange food. One shop had a scorpion and a snake in a jar. It was so hot that Ted and Zara had to buy a fan but later Ted left his behind in a Taxi! After the market we went to the war museum.  There was a lot of different machinery used by the Americans in the Vietnam war.  It was really sad to see what had happened to the kids and families during the attacks and from the gases used during the war. To finish the day off we searched the streets for some place to have dinner. Round about 10 minutes later we arrived at a restaurant were you grill your own food on the table that Blake’s mum had suggested. The food there was so GOOD. I had beef pho with a bit of chilli and a banana smoothie. At the hotel we watched some TV and then went to bed.